ZIP attachment saves with 0 bytes

I have received an email that has a ZIP attachment.
The Size column shows the correct size (Inbox preview).
When I open the email, I still see the attachment with correct size.
When I save the attachment, it saves with a 0 bytes size.

I am using IMAP on my own local server, so I installed another client, Pegasus Mail 4.63.
This can save the attachment correctly.
Then I used gmail to send the good ZIP file back to myself, and now eM Client opens it fine.

I can send the .CNM (Mercury mail server new mail file) to anyone who wants to test why it won’t extract. Or I could forward the email, although I have tried forwarding to someone with Thunderbird and the attachment shows 0 bytes even on preview.

Where the attachment begins, it look like this (in NotePad).


Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=“Sept 2014”
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=“Sept 2014”


Where the attachment ends, it looks like this:

Hi Ross, what version of eM Client are you currently using?
This seems to be a server issue though, especially when you confirmed the behavior with other clients and accounts as well.

Thank you,

I seem to have the same issue. I cant find any attachment & the body with this inscriptions,
M0U524D5.0UE?0T]$12Q+15,L4E=&+%1:4RQ51U@L55-$"DM%4RPQ+#M+#(Q+C8T-S8L,S,N,#$U,2PN,# Y.0I25T8L+C$S-34L,2PR+CDS,SM-S0R+"XP,#$S"E1:4RPN,#0V,BPN,S0P.2PQ+#$N-3(U,2PN,# P-0I51U@L
M+C S,#,L+C(R,S4L+C8U-39-30L,C$Y,“XP,#4T+#,S-# N,#$R,BPQ”@I5


Can anyone help

I am Using Version 6.0.24928.0

Hello Gordon,
what mail account does this happen on?
Can you copy the whole log from Tools>Operations>Log window when this error pops up?