Zimbra on EM Client - Workarround with a bug :(

On EM Client 7 it is possible to sync Contacts and Calender if the Zimbra Account is not setup as Imap only, but if you setup the Account as “Outlook” and than change the Email Server on the three field (Imap, SMTP, AirSync) to your Zimbra Server, it works fine. 

BUT one BIG Problem: If you do this, send email are not stored in any Folder! I tried several config, no way! 

Only if you setup it as Imap Account, the send emails are stored.

It would be very nice:

a.) integrate Zimbra or
b.) fix this bug!

Hello M.B.,

The official supported setup for Zimbra is currently the IMAP/SMTP. After setting it up this way, please manually set up CalDAV and CardDAV in the Account settings to get the Contacts and Calendar to synchronize. We are sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully in the future we can support it as Exchange Web Services when Zimbra also improves its EWS setting. Thank you for your understanding.


Hi Maurice, its Not needed to wait until EWS. You must only doublicate the work arround and fix the Bug with the missing sent Mails.

Hello M.B.,

Thank you for your input. In the meantime, have you tried using the official setup with manual setting of CalDAV and CardDAV?


I had the same problem with you set up with emails not going to the sent folder. Just create a rule that copies emails to the sent folder. Works great.

The Zimbra set up for my email service does not have Caldav or CardDav active. It is really odd to me that all of the email clients on the various cell phones we have (iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry) all have no problem whatsoever managing calendars and contacts using active sync. Yet this software can’t.

I know you have been using eM Client for a while, but maybe it is time to move on. Why not give Outlook a go?

EmClient  7.0.28822.0 is that last working version of emClient in my opinion. It is working ok for me so I don’t need to move on until something else breaks. Also, the email server I am on uses Zimbra with ActiveSync (which emClient broke with later versions). I do not believe that Outlook supports ActiveSync although I could be wrong.

You know it seems odd to me that there are so many support questions and issues here. We use email clients on iPhones, Samsung and Blackberry devices and sync across them all with no problems at all. When was the last time your cellphone email, calendar and contacts software didn’t work?

eMClient can not be used for professional use past the version I listed here. If you are using an Exchange account you may as well just use Outlook and avoid all of the support issues.

I think maybe you are right that Outlook doesn’t support ActiveSync. At least you have an option with 7.0.28822.

Which email provider are you using?

I am using Shaw Cable with uses Zimbra as their email server.

Now that I think about it, I remember seeing instructions on the Shaw support site for setting up Outlook with ActiveSync. So that gives you an option - not that I am trying to discourage using eM Client.

Maybe Shaw will offer CalDAV at some stage. :slight_smile:

Well, I wrote the instructions on the Community Support page for Shaw on how to set up Em Client. It was working no problem until the Em Client developers broke it.

The thing that really strikes me is that any email/calendar/contacts on any type of cell phone works just great. I don’t think I have ever sent an support request to the manufacturer for this type of software on my phone not working right. Haven’t heard of anyone else complaining either. It just works. Yet there are problems after problems with this software.

Oh and I should also say, I tried to sent up an Internet Calendar in Em Client but every time I try to add an event or meeting Em Client crashes.