Zarafa exchange server

I am able to easily configure zarafa web mail exchange account as IMAP (if I do automatic configuration), but cannot set exchange to work.
The error in the status bar is: Couldn’t get server version
BTW, I am using this exchange email with ease on Ipad and Iphone with full potential: email, tasks, calendar, contacts…
Any tips?

Hi, unfortunately you can not setup this account as Exchange in eM Client, IMAP is the only option.
You’re able to setup the account on your iPad/iPhone because it uses an activesync protocol probably, but that’s not a supported option in eM Client for this account.

Thank you for understanding,


Actually, I would be happy if I could use IMAP, and sync calendar and tasks through calendar account, but I haven’t been able to establish the connection. I set zarafa calendar but have an error: Couldn’t get server version…any help on this?

How did you setup the account? Did you use the automatic setup?
If so, you can try to setup the account manually, by switching from the automatic setup to the mail tab and select “Other” and proceed with the steps, using your IMAP settings, etc.

Hope this helps, thank you,