You are neither organizer or attendee of this scheduling item.

I receive allot of scheduled events from exchange/outlook users and when they show up at the top of the email it says

“You are neither organizer or attendee of this scheduling item.”

I very definitely am and I’m even listed below as a required participant.

I noticed something similar with the rules were it seems if there is more than one recipient the rules sometimes do not work. Not sure if this is related or not but it does definitely effect the calendar.


what version of eM Client are you using?

5 rc 2

Please send the problematic email with invitation saved as .eml directly to me at Thank you.


Was this ever resolved? I am having the same issue.

Yes, it was fixed. What version of eM Client are you currently using? And what did you do before this error message appeared?

I have version 5.0.17944.0
I just viewed the meeting request that was in my inbox & it shows that message on the meeting request itself. The big issue is that I don’t have the ability to accept or decline the call.

Which calendar is your default? Local or a server based calendar?

A server based Gmail calendar

Whoops - seems this is still an issue with vn 5.0.18

This happens only in some rare cases. Are you able to simulate the issue? If so, could you provide us the steps leading to this error? Thank you.

It seems to happen when I am part of a mailing list rather than the meeting request sent directly to my email address

Thank you for the info - I will try to simulate the issue and report it to our developers.

sorry for the delayed reply - could you please tell me if the problem is still actual? I was unable to simulate this issue so I would appreciate if you provide us remote access to your computer so we can investigate it further.

Yes, this still occurs. I am based in South Africa so we just need to arrange a time & we can troubleshoot. Can I contact you via email?

I have confirmed your meeting invitation - will be awaiting your email.