You are neither an organizer nor an attendee of this scheduling item - event set up

Hi - I’m trying out em client and REALLY liking it.  I can see this is a common problem - but I can’t quite figure out the solution.

I am using a fruux calendar .  My fruux email address is different to the default email address/account in em.  

When someone invites me to something - it comes to my default email and I can accept and it is added to the calendar BUT the acceptance email is not sent to the other person>

Also I can add an event to the calendar and it tries to send an invitation or update - but gets stuck in the outbox with the message being - You are neither an organizer nor an attendee of this scheduling item. ( but I am the organizer according to the item)

i have so far tried to add my default email address as an alias i to fruux calendar and to other accounts - but can’t seem to get this to work - thanks!

Hi Audra, this is quite interesting actually. The problem is that you’re using both fruux account setup on your email (or at least that’s what I understood) which you have setup in eM client as well.
There would be an option to disable the use of your primary mail account calendar to use it with the fruux calendar only.

But unfortunately if you’re using both, and need the calendar assigned to your email account, this will be occurring.

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Hi Paul thanks for your reply - I don’t quite understand but surely there is a way to use fruux and have a working calendar with scheduling.  I am happy to change things to get this to work.

pS - i only need the fruux calendar i don’t need any other calendars

Hmm, in that case try to go to Tools > Accounts > Your email account (that has the same address as your fruux account), and go to the contacts/calendar tab under the settings for this account.
And uncheck the option “Enable service” that might help.

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Hi and thanks but there is no calendar tab in my email account…it was only set up as email - hmm i really need a working calendar - do I have to use google maybe?

Maybe we can do a screenshare??? I can organise this if we can make a time - thanks

Can you please send me an email to with a reference link to this forum topic?

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