You advertise a superior search, but...

A capable search function is one of the most important things an email client can offer business users. I’ve criticized the search functions of eM Client before. While I’m a fan of the application, there are serious flaws.

Example. Tonight I searched a mailbox “subject, sender, recipients and body” for “” The mailbox contained a mail with the words “”. eM Client failed to find that mail. Unacceptable, sorry.

Hi, do you have fully synchronized inbox? I am having no troubles searching on IMAP with downloaded messages for offline use or on POP3 at all.

It is impossible to search content which is not available to read (not synchronized from the server)


In the example I gave the mail I was searching for was in a local folder, and the search was of that folder. The problem seems to be the forward slash. But shouldn’t the search function be able to recognize “” out of “”?

if your searched string is cropped from left then it should find it but if it is cropped from right then you will have to use * sign.

for example on my email

if you will try to search galis@ it will provide results (if you have my email in your eM Client)
if you will try to search @emclient you have to do it this way *@emclient

Is this understandable for you?

It is understandable. However, I was searching for a URL. If I know that the URL has something to do with eM Client it would make sense that I search my mail for “”. But if I am searching for the main page of this forum ( eM Client’s search will not find that URL for me, apparently, because the URL says “”. See the problem?

Hi John,

Mabye eM Client should automatically add ‘*’ in the front and at the end of the search text entered by the user (behind the scenes, when searching for text; I don’t want to see those ‘*’ in the edit field with the search text)?

In Google / Bing I also don’t use those ‘*’.

Hi, we will not add “*” automatically, it would quite seriously slow down searching time.

Google and bing does not need to use * in searching but those are searching engines, not email clients.
Gmail and outlook (webmail services) does not do this automatically as well.


actually it is working alright for me. will not work because it will take http: as searching keyword which is how it should behave

was working for me without problem again, can you please confirm this?

OK, in order to try to reproduce this I tried the original search that lead to my posting, and found that it’s more complicated than the way I explained it. Sorry.

It turns out that if I search for “”, it will turn up, for example, mails containing “”. So you are right about that.

The search that caused the inquiry was this: in an advanced search (ctrl + shift + f) I typed “” into an “all text fields” box. Then I typed “password” into another “all text fields” box. Search turned up nothing. I knew I had a mail containing those exact phrases in the body. I went to my old client, Eudora, and did the same exact search. The mail popped up in less than one second.

I then went back to eM Client and search “manually”. The mail was there (I had imported it when I changed clients) in the correct mailbox. I wondered why it didn’t come up in the search, and concluded it was because the body contained “” and figured that was eM Client’s problem. Perhaps the problem is more complicated than that.

In any case I searched for a mail that was clearly there, using specific text terms, and eM Client failed. I’m not sure why, now, but clearly something’s not working…

this scenario was working for me good too, could you please provide screenshots of email you are willing to share with me and advanced search window?

You can send it to my email on which we are currently communicating.


I will try to run this test in the next day or so and send the results. Thanks.