Yahoo Timeout

Is it possible to change the timeout when collecting Yahoo email? I have it set to 60 seconds in Outlook which works fine but the 30 seconds eM Client uses is not long enough.

Hi Jeffm,
unfortunately eM Client does not support the option to change the timeout period.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience.


Will this be changed in Version 7?  I have nine emails in emClient and one or two of them almost always timeout.  Not very PRO of the pro version.  Some other email clients allow this to be set by email address.  Will version 7 allow for customizing the timeout value. 

Same with me, I am using em Client with spamihilator. It takes more time than timeout Setting. So I cannot get any mail.

Same here. Yahoo is always pretty slow on IMAP, and I constantly get the popup asking for my password (no nw problem on my end, this really is a yahoo pb).
I get this also sometimes when I take my laptop out of sleep (on all accounts then), as wifi sometimes takes a bit longer to reconnect.
The biggest problem being that eM doesn’t seem to want to retry, and stays stuck, waiting for you to close this dialog. I’ve had a few occasions where I did not anwser to some mails in a timely manner, because I had missed the dialog, and didn’t know that eM was not polling the servers anymore.

Can you folks PLEASE add such a feature? Or add some intelligence, so it would adapt its timeout to each server’s worse scenario, and retry on its own when things fail? Thanks.

What port and security policy are you using? You will find that in Menu > Tools > Accounts, then in the IMAP tab for your Yahoo! account.

port 993, SSL/TLS

Can you change the security policy to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy) and see if there is any difference?

Mmh, I don’t have this option! The GUI is not setup in English, but I only have don’t secure the link, SSL/TLS if available, force SSL/TLS and SSL/TLS on a specific port (NO legacy)

What version of eM Client are you using?

Translations sometimes differ. The option on a specific port is the one to try.

Checking for updates shows none available…

SSL on a specific port is what I have right now (I suppose this is what eM picked by default when I created the account, as I don’t recall overwriting this option…)

You are using the latest version, and the best option for IMAP. Some servers will allow you to use port 143 and SSL/TLS if available. Don’t know if that will make any difference though.

Guess you need to wait and see if eM Client Inc. makes any changes in upcoming versions.

OK, thanks for the info. Just wanted to add my voice to those asking for a setting to tune this timeout period…