Yahoo security for third party email clients

Yahoo is requiring third party clients to use special security to sign into Yahoo Mail.

I have followed the Yahoo information which creates a special password in the Yahoo system but HOW do you put that into eM Client as it does not request a password once you have established the email address?

Have you tried setting up the Yahoo account using the auto setup in eM Client?

Failing that, I got this off the net

Yahoo Mail IMAP Settings and Yahoo Mail SMTP Settings

To access Yahoo Mail seamlessly in an email program, open the program’s New Account wizard, and enter these settings:

  • Yahoo Mail IMAP server:
  • IMAP port: 993
  • IMAP TLS/SSL: yes
  • IMAP username: Your full Yahoo Mail address
  • IMAP password: Your Yahoo Mail password or app password
  • Yahoo Mail SMTP server:
  • SMTP port: 465 (try 587 as an alternative)
  • SMTP TLS/SSL: yes
  • SMTP username: Your complete Yahoo Mail address
  • SMTP password: Your Yahoo Mail password

I am having the same issue. No authentication data field is available (in the eM Client free version) to edit the generated password created in Yahoo.

So… how do you edit the password if there is no field? I think I have figured out you have to have a data mismatch to force the IMAP error box to show up, but why isn’t there an easier was to edit the Yahoo server authentication password?

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You will have seen the information above which I am sure works.
The problem is that you would need to delete the Yahoo address to follow the procedure which would delete all the records associated with that address. NOT recommended !!!

This problem needs a fix from em Clientry.

Deleting the Yahoo account and re-creating will just delete all the folders associated with it and re-establish them including all the emails (if it works). At the moment presumably you have NO access to Yahoo mail from eM Client , so you have nothing to lose.

Do you have 2-step verification set for your Yahoo account?

For belt and braces just export any critical emails to a folder (or just create a local folder) on your machine and import (copy) them if necessary after completion.

Note: these are restrictions imposed by Yahoo. They are the ones putting obstacles in place for 3-party email clients.


I deleted the Yahoo address and everything disappeared!. I installed the address and nothing was in the folders. Fortunately I had copied the original contents so I was able to restore the original information.
I am still not sure if Em Client will operate after the deadline in October but I have set up Yahoo and Gmail so I can access my two addresses via Yahoo so Em Client may well become redundant.

So, is eMC working for your Yahoo account now?

What is this “October deadline”?

I received an email from Yahoo which said that I needed to use the two part sign in for third party email systems and that if I did not install the special password Yahoo would not allow access after the 28th of October this year.

EMC is working with Yahoo at the moment but, as I said before, I am not sure what will happen on the 28th of October?

See my reply above - you will need to generate an App password and use that instead of your normal Yahoo PW.


any progress on the issue from the emclient team?

I have several thousand emails downloaded using IMAP on my yahoo account and hope to find a way to just change my password (one time password) in emclient without having to download everything again. I have a paid license.

Thanks in advance

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Followup. Is there a way to edit and update the account info (in particular update / verify the password on a yahoo email account?) I see Menu --> Accounts --> General, but that only has Account name, Name, email… no place to update a password.

This can’t be right. Who would believe that an email account requires a password (and generally that has been a requirement since the mid 1980’s or so…) How can an email client even exist without that capability? Or perhaps, I am doing this wrong?

Hi everyone,
we support oAuth login for Yahoo accounts, so if you don’t see a password field in Menu>Accounts for your Yahoo account it means you already use the secure login and the security changes Yahoo is making will not affect you at all.

If you do see a username and password in the Accounts settings for your Yahoo account you need to either change this to an app password created for eM Client (if you haven’t done so already) or create your account anew to use the oAuth login (with your real password, as the oAuth just gives your login to the Yahoo server and the login details are not kept in eM Client at all).

You can read more about the security changes from Yahoo here:

Hi ZipZit,
this just means you already set up the account using the secure oAuth login method, in which the login is made via browser window and the credentials are given to the Yahoo server directly only once, which then provides an access token to eM Client - and eM Client does not need to keep any of your login credentials, so you don’t need to update them.

Hi Ludovic,
you can create an App Password for eM Client and just replace your original password in the account settings in Menu>Accounts.
Yahoo app password -

If you do not see a place to input your password, that means you already use the secure sign-in method and your account should continue working in eM Client as usual.