Yahoo Plus IMAP problems

I want to upgrade to the Pro version but I can not get eM Client to work correctly with Yahoo IMAP!!! It consistently tells me it will download the message later----UGH. This program works great with gmail but with Yahoo it is a failure in working consistently. Can you fix it. Yes I have checked the download and set 10 times! IMAP with Yahoo just doesn’t work. I also have Yahoo plus service if that makes a difference. Please help.

I am afraid I cannot provide you any solution at the moment because the problem is not on our side.

I am having similar issues with Yahoo. My client constantly locks up with errors and stops checking for mail… I get various errors [CardDAV]:

  • Connection timed out
  • Server unavailable
  • Multi-Hop Cycle detected

If you are not already, try using the incoming server: with port 993

and outgoing: with port 465

both with SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

I can’t remember if this was emclient default or I had to change them. Anyway, it works for me.

I do use the above settings but for Yahoo IMAP it is inconsistent. The problem must be with Em Client but they say it is not!

Appreciate your input.


PS Why does the IMAP for Yahoo work so well in my android phone??? and not with Em Client???

Other than brief periods, I can always connect to Yahoo IMAP thru emclient… have been doing so for about 6 months.

I have similar, occasional periods of instability with my tablets and cell phones and also when I used to use Thunderbird for Yahoo IMAP.

I can’t speak for your situation, but for me, emclient seems as reliable as anything else with Yahoo IMAP… I just don’t think Yahoo has as reliable an IMAP service as others (e.g. Google).

Joe: Send us your IMAP log please - it will tell us more. Thank you.
Simply enable IMAP logging under the problematic account in Tools -Settings - Advanced - Logging and then simulate the issue. Finally send us the log using the same window. Thank you.

I also have problem. it keeps receiving error message.
here are the screenshots.

Send us your CalDAV log please - it will tell us more. Thank you.


Has this issue been resolved? Can you post a response if so? I downloaded EM Client a couple of days ago and am experiencing similar problems. I know that Yahoo is problematic and have tried to switch to Gmail but Yahoo won’t allow me to import from it to Gmail either. If I could sort out the EM Client-Yahoo relationship for the time being that would be incredibly helpful.

My issues are exactly the same as Khairul and Mark.


No the issue is not resolved. I am really disappointed and don’t really believe the problem is with Yahoo. The problem is with EmClient!!!

I have given up with EmClient for Yahoo email.


I am having the exact same error message with Gmail… and I have configured everything as requested. Please help!

Same here. Getting the same error for IMAP on Gmail as Khairul