yahoo mail unauthorized error

Keep getting “unauthorized” error messages when sync with Yahoo using EM Client.  I don’t get this message on my android using Yahoo app - so it must be specific problem in EM Client.  I have changed Yahoo password and re-entered – and nothing seems to fix this problem – it’s very irritating – anybody have a solution ?

Was going to write the same question - I will not - in solidarity for the disdain of repetitious and irritating error messages.

However, please advise!!!  I was hoping to buy the license for the application after the trial month is over.

Hello everybody,

Could we please ask if you use the two-step verification on Yahoo? Yahoo has recently made the two-step verification mandatory for all accounts. To set it up, please sign into your Yahoo Account Info page Go to Account Security, turn the two-step verification on and follow the necessary steps to activate it. You will then need to create an app-specific password for eM Client as a 3rd party application. Go to Manage app passwords, click on Other application, fill in eM Client and you will get your password. Use this password for your Yahoo account in eM Client.

More info about enabling two-step verification:
More info about app specific passwords:

Pease let us know how it went.


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Although my Yahoo Mail account appears to be able to send and receive mail just fine - I continuously receive pop-up requests from eM Client for a correct password to be entered. The eM Client pop-up dialogues each indicate escalated authorization issues.

This is especially troubling in that I am enjoying the product and was seriously considering purchasing the license at the end of the trial.


I am happy to be contacted directly via phone/email/chat etc. to remedy this problem.


Hello Sam,

In that case, could you please post a screenshot of the error that you’re getting and the content of the third tab in the same window as the error titled ‘Log’? For fast copying, pressing Ctrl+A will select everything. The Log can also be accessed through Menu -> Tools ->Operations. Would you please also tell us what version you’re using? (Menu->Help->About)

Thank you,

same issue here could receive emails just fine but got the unauthorized dialog every time eM synced. turns out i had not logged into the account using a browser because if i had done so Yahoo would have forced me to secure my account(change my password). after logging into my account using a browser and going through the compulsory password change i’ve not seen the unauthorized dialog so far.

I have had to use the less secure option with this  Caution - Do not use this setting as a permanent access method. It is intended only for temporary access while you switch or upgrade to a secure application. Remember to turn it off afterwards.

I had similar issue. It went away when I stopped checking calendar CalDAV and, I assume, addresses, CardDAV in account Services settings.