Yahoo Mail not syncing - get red triangle. When I click, it syncs.

I added a yahoo account with the wizard. All my messages immediately downloaed, but every few minutes I get a red triangle with an exclamation point in it indicating a syncing problem. When I click the red triangle, the account syncs fine. What’s the solution?

Until we implement a workaround for this issue the only solution is clicking on the exclamation mark.

I have just started using eM Client and also have encountered the exclamation point with the red triangle on my Yahoo Mail account. Please fix.

Please understand that the problem does not lie on our side but we will try to find a workaround anyway.

i have the same problem but the account was working fine for over a month now i have the red triangle and no new emails are coming through. this is ox webmail server my yahoo account is working fine

Hello Sam, please note this topic is over two years old, if you’re having issues with one of your accounts, please create a new topic and specify the applications behavior, also please include some viable information as what version of eM Client you’re currently using, or if the application displays any errors in Operations during the synchronization process.