Yahoo IMAP folders not showing

I’m jumping the Thunderbird ship to eM but have a problem with folders off my INBOX in Yahoo.
They don’t show !
When I examine my account on the Yahoo web interface everything is great and they would automatically display correctly in TB, but not in eM.
I created one of the folders in eM and it shows with all the appropriate mail for a short period of time (approx 30 sec), then disappears.
I’m hoping you can direct me to the tick-box that I’ve missed or explain what the problem might be.
Is it Yahoo’s folder structure which is at fault ?
Thanks (in advance) for the support.

Same problem. How can we get this fixed??

I recently used eM Client with a Yahoo, IMAP account, and it showed the folders properly. Have you tried it recently? Maybe the problem has been resolved. 

  • Have you tried right-clicking the account folder, in the folder-pane, then selecting “show/hide folders”, then selecting the folders you want to show?

  • If not, have you tried right-clicking the account in the folder-pane, then selecting “properties”, then the “repair” tab? The repair tab re-calibrates the folders, to sync with Yahoo. I’ve had some errors resolved with this.