yahoo imap broken after computer comes out of SLEEP mode


I’m trying out the free version and for the most part seems to be working great. I’ve noticed that after my computer comes out of Sleep mode, the Yahoo folder has a red exclamation icon next to it, and won’t connect (I try the Send/Receive buttons and trying to view individual emails that won’t download).

After a while, it will re-connect, but I can’t figure out anything specific I can do to get it to reconnect. My gmail account seems to work fine after Sleep mode.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


When you “wake up” the computer from Sleep mode it loses network connection for a while and apparently yahoo servers cannot deal with that. I am sorry but I cannot provide you any solution at the moment. The only thing which could help is to press Send and Receive button.

Hi George, thank you for your reply… I figured it was something like that…

FYI, even pressing the Send/Receive button doesn’t work. I just have to “wait a while” (still haven’t figured out what specifically turns it back on)…

Hi George,

I did figure out a way to fix it: close eM Client and restart it, Yahoo seems to connect fine after that.

Perhaps it’s something else in the way eM Client communicates with Yahoo servers?

Happy New Year!

Whoops, I was wrong, even re-starting the client doesn’t really work (it did twice, after that, nadda)

you can send us your IMAP logs but according to reports of many people with similar problems the problem lies on Yahoo’s side.

And Google! Every time the computer goes to sleep and then wakes, this error message pops up. The only way to avoid it is to close the email program when not using and open when you want to check your email. Not at all efficient!

Google shows this messages because eM Client cannot reach server after you wake up computer - eM Client is initialized faster than internet connection restored.


Kind of figured that, how to resolve would be the question at hand?

John, is there any way for eM Client to detect if the internet connection is active and only then to try to send/receive e-mail?

You can disable automatic synchronization and use “F5” shortcut or “Send and Receive” instead.


Of course, it depends on what protocol is set and if laptop is awaken (with eM Client running) or started. IMAP will try to synchronize immediately, POP3 will wait until synchronization interval (this is for situation when laptop is awaken).


If only there was a way to set eM Client to auto-retry up to 5 times a day. Such a simple change. Of course, the better way would be to catch the standby and invalidate all persistent connections, then introduce a delay before reacquiring them to give enough time for the interfaces to come back up.

For now maybe some sort of scripting engine can auto-close the email client then restart it when coming out of standby… ugh.

I have the same problem (connection lost w/imap).

Send and receive doesn’t work, but i figured out clicking the red exclamantion mark will reconnect properly. Have to do this a few times a day (even without laptop going to sleep).

I will need your IMAP logs, go to tools - settings - advanced, check IMAP under your account, apply and restart eM Client.
Simulate steps that leads to your issue and after that use “send logs…” to together with this topic’s URL in subject.

Then you can turn logging off.