yahoo error

can’t use Emclient AT ALL due to Yahoo error messages now that I downloaded the new version of emclient!! The constant error messages won’t let me touch the screen, just keeps going dink, dink. It still receives emails, but that’s it. This is useless - why would I ever upgrade to the paid version with this going on all the time? I changed from @yahoo to just my user name and back again, re-added my password a million times and nothing works. Now I have to start all over to find an email client, or else buy Outlook :frowning: Please help!!!

Hi Lora, are you still having issues with this? Can you please go to Tools > Accounts > Your Yahoo account > Calendar / Contacts, and take a screenshot of your calendar and contacts settings from the accounts window?
On the top of each of these options there’s an option to adjust the CardDAV/CalDAV URL address.

This address should be in format for calendars and for contacts.

For both options you should be using identity credentials.

Thank you,