Yahoo email acct = pop-up error dialog boxes!

I keep getting this error and pop-up dialog:

“[CardDAV] Sync of My Website/ failed due to error: My Website (Success)”

My gmail acct seems to work fine (although it has given me errors when syncing), however my yahoo acct is all over the place with emclient. I’ve read previous yahoo issues on this forum and have checked the settings to ensure they are exactly what is recommended for yahoo emails. But still am getting these errors every 5 mins. Any help appreciated! I’d love to upgrade to the pro version but emclient HAS to work with my work yahoo acct.


I also consistently have an “!” mark on the side of my yahoo acct within the email client.

Please send me your IMAP logs, it would tell us more. Thank you.

Same here with the ! mark. I have recreated my account 3 or 4 times and every day I am bombarded with FAILEDAUTHENTICATION and the “red triangle of death” ( how’s that for dramatic. I’ve setup 2 tickets for this already with no resolve. All started since v5.0. It’s more stable from a shutdown standpoint and no DB errrors but emclient and Yahoo…no likey each other. Any advice?

That pretty much sums it up Alex.

Their staff has been requesting several logs from me, so hopefully they will find a resolution for it soon.

Red triangle shows when the account is disconnected for some reason. Please send us your IMAP logs - it will tell us more. Thank you.

ok George. I setup the account (Yahoo) again since it’s been disabled for the past few days. I’ll Send over the logs a bit later or tomorrow morning if/when I start seeing the FailedAuthentication prompts. Thanks

George, I sent over the logs just now. Realizing is setup logging for my gmail account and not the yahoo i change the logging. Should I send the logs to an alternate address or will this do? Thanks again.

Logs for Yahoo account should be sufficient.

Hey George, I got a reply from [email protected] to check with Yahoo. I’ve since adjusted the imap setting “” to… I still get the red triangle on both yahoo accounts but not the continuous prompting. I will uncheck download messages for offline use if the prompting starts. It could be Yahoo given 2 other accounts work perfect…I am still messing around with it.

FYI only. I own a license for the eM Client. so not looking for free support for a free tool. I’ll pursure Yahoo at some point though this was not a problem in earlier versions.

OK - thank you for letting me know. We are aware of the problems with Yahoo but the problem is definitely on our side. Despite this fact, our developers are still trying to find a workaround.

I was intrigued by eM Client. Unfortunately, the first email connection I tried to setup was yahoo. All kinds of permutations including eM client saying it’s “fixed” the imap access still fail. WebCal always seems to fail, imap seems to work sometimes for half a second then fail on the next mail poll.

So then I find these forums and see problems dating back to 2010 with accessing yahoo.

Not terribly impressed.

Actually, most of the problems with yahoo accounts is not caused by eM Client but the problem lies on their side. Can you send us your IMAP log with a description of the problem so we can analyze it? Thank you.