Yahoo Authentication Issues...

I use eM Client with a variety of email accounts. I’ve always had problems with Yahoo but this latest release seems to be much better syncing the body of an email. However, I’m only now having problems with Server Errors - here’s the exact message

Have the recommended IMAP server setting changed with the latest release?



Can you please open the account settings and check the password under all the tabs (SMTP, IMAP, Calendar, contacts)?

I’m in the same boat as Steve. Yahoo simply doesn’t want to authenticate me. I triple-checked the password. I can generally authenticate once or twice a day, the rest of the time it fails.

The problem does not lie on our side so I cannot provide you any solution at the moment. Try to contact Yahoo support and report them the problem.

I have the latest version and have the same problem.

Hi, when you see this window can you please delete the part from the user name field?
Click on ok and the account should work properly then.

Hope this helps,

I think that fixed it. Thanks.

No problem, if you come across any other issues, or questions, let us know, we’ll be happy to help!

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