Yahoo accounts not reading

I am experiencing the exact problem I am reading on here. The latest version will not retrieve yahoo email. I must downgrade to version 9.0.1708 I have read.

I did that but it will not read the database saying it has been updated with a newer version. How do I fix this or am I just SOOL?

Most of my email is gmail but some is yahoo where I thankfully have Outlook to fall back on for a email client.

You don’t need to downgrade eM Client versions. There is no issues retrieving Yahoo mail with the latest eM Client version as works fine for me and my bro ok. eM Client was also updated in the latest version to work with the new Yahoo IMAP API which fixed the random Yahoo connection problems.

So if you have a “Yahoo IMAP account”, upgrade again to V9.1.2109 so your database matches the program via the version history page. Make sure eM Client is closed before installing the update.

Then once upgraded, go to “Menu / Accounts” and remove and re-add your Yahoo account via the “Automatic email setup wizard” which should then fix the problem.

If removing and re-adding your Yahoo account still will not receive or send email, then if you have any eg: Optional Firewall / Security programs, or Optional Antivirus programs or VPN, try completely disabling those to see if they are blocking or interfering with eM Client.

If still won’t work, go to “Menu / Operations” and click the “Log Tab” and see if you can see any obvious errors in the log and paste them in this thread.

Your suggestion helped. Figured out I have to disable Avast email scanning incoming messages. That odd since I’ve been using Avast antivirus firewall about 5 years and suddenly I have do do this. People are posting yahoo email wasn’t an issue until v9.1.2109. Not real happy have to disable email scanning.

Not real happy have to disable email scanning

You have to normally import the Avast certificate into eM Client and also Allow eM Client into Avast as an allowed app.

See the below Avast documentation on how to export and import the Avast certificate into eM Client and also allow eM Client into Avast.

How to troubleshoot email client warnings about invalid server certificates | Avast 3

Using the Blocked & Allowed apps settings screen in Avast Antivirus | Avast

Also see this “AVG example below” in the following thread for exporting and importing the Avast Certificate into eM Client, and allowing eM Client into Avast. They both have very similar almost identical GUI’s when I tested them recently.