I installed the new version of eM Client today (7.1.30646)  It is now asking me for a XMPP password.  It has never asked that before, and none of my passwords seem to work.

Any ideas?

XMPP is a chat protocol.  If you don’t use this, go to menu/tools/accounts and on the general tab (for each account if you have multiple), un-check XMPP and it will no longer harass you for a password.

Thanks Jay,

I tried that, but now it won’t log into Chat

Oh, sorry.  I assumed you did not use the chat and just wanted the password prompt to go away.  My bad.  I don’t really use their chat (this is why I’m so good at turning it off), so I’m probably not the one to assist you on this.  I do know that if you go to the XMPP tab does tell who the provider is, so that can be a password clue.

Update… in case anybody is watching… I ended up deleting my email account in eMClient and then re-adding the account.  At that point, everything worked.