XMPP Group Chat


Does eMclient support XMPP Group Chat? Or is it planned for the future?


Hi, unfortunately eM Client does not support this feature and as far as I know it’s not currently considered for implementation in future releases.

Thank you for understanding, hope you can manage to use the current settings,

I also vote for implementing XMPP Group Chat in one of the future releases. We use this a lot and would not need another XMPP client anymore in the whole company network once this feature is implemented.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, I changed the topic category to an idea topic so other users can vote on the feature and if the user feedback is sufficient, we’ll consider adding the feature.


I completely agree… I would love to purchase EM Client but without group chat, I can’t join our company chat rooms where it’s essential for us to communicate. Please +1 add.

+1 for group chats

+1. Me need too. Much XMPP Group Chat. Many merry. 

Hi, XMPP group chat is currently not supported due to missing support on servers that support chat communication over XMPP, In case of Gmail where Hangouts are an available group chat feature, we’re unfortunately unable to implement group hangouts into eM Client as there’s no support for third party apps wanting to implement this feature either.

We’re however still looking into new ways how to bring these features to our users and if possible, we’ll be more than happy to include this feature in future releases of eM Client.


Pidgin supports group chats, or chat rooms. I believe it is a standard XMPP:

Hi, as I suggested, group chat is not included due to missing support from servers, in relation to email accounts, providers who have a chat service enabled on their mail server with support over the XMPP protocol do not necessarily have the group chat enabled - in most cases they don’t.

Google Hangouts where we believe would having the group chat more than useful doesn’t provide an API for their Hangouts chat feature to enable group chat in third party application.

Thank you for understanding,

You reference to missing support by google mail …
Well, I dont know how other business customers handle this, but as user from germany using gmail or hangouts for any kind of business communication is an absolute no-go!

So, to be able to use XMPP chat I have to use a hosting service or host my own server. Even if google and facebook block group chats for external application, it is a default feature for every XMPP server out there.

I agree with Michael. Heavy XMPP users run their own XMPP service or use a hosted one, and don’t care about Googles XMPP service and functionality. So do I.
To name only 1 popular XMPP service with groupchat: HipChat

Hi Michael, I’m sorry but group chat is not a default feature of every xmpp implementation. If your server supports xmpp, the support for the features is based on support of the selected XEPs - support for XEP 0045 means the server supports group chat, as I’ve previously mentioned this is not the case for most servers.

Implementing and including support for group chat is under consideration but is based on the support from servers that our users use, currently the server support for this feature is very low. Vast majority of our users are running Google Apps or Gmail, so i suppose it is not an absolute no-go.


+1 for group chat

Our company has its employees distributed over the globe, and we rely on XMPP group chats to communicate between teams and to run meetings. I currently have to run a client that does support group chats, but it would be very nice indeed to have that integrated so that I have my mail, contacts, calendar and chats all bundled in one consistent view and in a single window. We run our own server of course.

So please considder adding group chat, even if Google has corrupted XMPP by closing off parts of their stuff.

Has there been any movement on this since 2 years? I really love everything about the application so far, but we use group chats for a lot of reasons, and its causing me to have to go back to to the GMAIL application, which stinks. Any update would be helpful!

I love the email part of eM. So far though, the XMPP implementation is terribly lacking. I have a “glitch” contact of myself. There is  no group chat support, which is supported by the four most used XMPP servers: Prosody, OpenFire, eJabberd, and Metronome. Yet, y’all seem to have implemented XEP-0154. If not XEP-0154, then some other user profile XEP. XEP-0154 is not supported in any of the top 4. I know the profile feature does not work on my server which runs Prosody, which is possibly the most popular due to the simplicity and inclusion in the Ubuntu repos. So why would you implement a feature that next to no one has, yet tell us that no one supports something that the 4 most popular servers have available and enabled out of the box? I’m not trying to come off as a prick, but your logic escapes me Paul.

P.S.: I don’t know how your analytics works, but maybe your users are vastly don’t support it because your users that do use a different client for XMPP _because_ of the lack of group chat and such? Just a thought.

Can I at least turn the chat off while you implement this?

I love the email portion and don’t really need the chat as I can use the native google app.  but the notifications of the chat really bother me and I am considering changing platform because of this.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the General tab for your GMail account. Scroll down to Services and untick XMPP.

Thank you, that worked! much better now!

Send some king of notification if you add the group chat functionality as the chat itself is good, just lacking something really important.