XMPP Chat issues


First of all - eM Client seems to be a very attractive alternative that I even purchased to get the most features. Thank you for that. We are on version 9 (latest) for the moment.

After registering and configuring XMPP chat account (used the one from “creep.im”) myself and my colleagues are facing two main issues:

  1. The first chat message (if no chat window open) is going to NULL, meaning that is not reaching the recipient at all. Sender has to send a second message, then the popup will appear on the recipients side.
  2. Once a recipient is “Away” and his PC goes to sleep (even if eM Client is still online) - the messages will no longer reach the recipient. When the recipient returns back online - he/she will not receive any notification about chat activity.

We have chosen Mac, and obviously this issue happening on Mac laptops, not sure how this works with Windows PCs. But it is very annoying to not be able to rely on Chat feature. Has anyone faced the same? Any workarounds/solutions? I have been told that within the same LAN issue with the first message sometime does not appear, but in most cases it does.