XML Validation Errors - when importing settings

Hi. Starting today(previusly this settings worked without any problem) im getting an error when importing my settings to em client, screenshot is:

someone have any idea?

I have the same problem, exporting from MacOS (9.2.2041) and importing on Windows (9.2.1735 – no update available).

You may get errors when you import settings from a newer version, to an older version.

Update the Windows device to the latest version available in the Release History and try again.

Thanks Gary, this did indeed work!

However, I see two problems with this:

  1. I have auto updates enabled, and even checked for updates manually from within the app, but it didn’t show me that new versions are available.
  2. I can’t keep a backup of my settings if they completely break with a minor version update (in the end, I would prefer if there was a way to store and sync settings across devices through the cloud)

We don’t offer all versions immediately through check for update, even though they appear in the Release History.

They won’t. Just don’t try and import them to an older version of eM Client.

We do offer an option like this for Business Pro users. It really doesn’t sync the settings between devices, so if you change the settings on one device, it won’t appear on another. Rather you specify the settings in the license manager, and they are replicated to all the devices using that license.