wrong sender name

When I send an email the recipient sees that my email was sent by myself and another person. On the column that shows the sender it shows my name and the name of another person. These persons are those in my contacts list. It seems that eM Client somehow gets that name from my CONTACTS and pastes it on the emails I send . It started doing that yesterday. I’ve done an antivirus scan and it showed its free of viruses. What could be wrong?

eM Client uses the name and address that are in your account settings. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the General tab for your email account.

In some instances the email provider may change the sender’s details with data they have for your account, so login to your email account using their web interface and make sure the correct name and address are there as well.

I’ve checked my account on the email provider and they do have the correct details. What I described earlier occurred the day before yesterday. It hasn’t happened again. I don’t know why. When i sent an email, my name along with another name (from my contacts list) appeared on the sender’s field. At least it hasn’t happened since. I hope it won’t.