Wrong font-size on Mac OS - we solved it!

Hey there,

we’ve figured out that on Mac OS (different versions) the default font-size in mails or templates is getting wrong applied by eM Client.

We normally use Arial 11pt in our Mails. So when we setup our signature and default font-family in eM Client with Arial 11pt it’s displayed very small. We checked the emtl / html templates and there is the font-size set at 6 pt. If we manually write our own html templates with Arial 11pt for our mails it’s getting displayed right. In the editor of eM Client it’s then shown as Arial 16 pt.

Please fix this bug with the next update.


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viernes 06 noviembre 2020 :: 1359hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @pazzero

Interesting, this has not been my experience, I use 11pt for messages with 8pt for signatures and the Sent from eM Client link at 7.7pt ( works in v8.0.2958.0 & v8.0.3494.0)

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!



It’s happening to me too… strange… But after some crazy configurations it seems to be working fine. Really I don’t know what change.

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