Wrong email on registration -.-

Hi, yesterday i buy’d my emclient 7 pro licence via Visa. My VISA card has allready been billed, but i entered the wrong email to send the licence/program copy to -.- it was something like [email protected] but must be [email protected] - missed L. This email i cant access! Please help me to get my licence :slight_smile: I have a Order Number, if needed.

As this is a user supported forum, nobody here can do that for you, and it is not guaranteed that a member of eM Client staff will read this message.

Your best option is to contact the company directly and ask them to do that for you. You can try [email protected].

Hello Noosi,
I have fixed your contact address for your license and resent your license information to the …mail.de account, but please in the future contact [email protected] with any purchase related problems :slight_smile:

I will also fix your login for Pro support and license manager, so expect these reset messages, please.