Wrong date on downloaded messages

Using version 2.6.7225.0

When first downloading messages on POP3 server, eM Client downloads all messages,
which is fine,except for one thing , the dates are wrong on all messages.
Date Received lists the download date ,not the date of the message itself.
This creates an enormous problem.
As part of a backup strategy i leave all valid mail on the server,which can run into several
thousand messages.
Not having the actual received date of the messages creates an unholy mess.

In addition, let’s say I select a mail check at 10 min intervals, eM Client will dowload all 2000-plus messages again,rather than just new mail.

Hope you have some good solutions to these problems :wink:


please just use column named Sent instead of Received. You can add columns by right mouse click on header area of main list.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for the follow-up and your suggestion.
Yes,the Sent column does reflect the original date,but to be honest,
the logic escapes me.Why not call a spade “a spade” ? and rename
Sent to Received and the present Received column to Downloaded?That would make a lot more sense to me and I suspect ,to most people.
Having said that, I think eM Client is a very nice application and if the kinks are worked out, would help a lot of people with their mail.
BTW,is there any way I can edit the name on the column header?
IOW, is there a column config file that can be edited manually?
Thanks again for your advice.