Wrong codepage while displaying a message

I have an issue with the following message:
This is the source code (part of):

Content-Type: text/html; charset=“us-ascii”
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

Gentile utente,

di seguito è riportato il report mensile sull’integrità dei dischi in DiskStation. Lo stato di integrità dei singoli dischi può essere controllato anche su Storage Manager > HDD/SSD > Info integrità.

Nessun problema riscontrato con le unità in DSM.


Synology DiskStation

But when displaying it into the reading window all accented chars are wrong:

di seguito à ̈ riportato il report mensile sull’integrità dei dischi in DiskStation. Lo stato di integrità dei singoli dischi puÃ2 essere controllato anche su Storage Manager > HDD/SSD > Info integrità.

Other email clients display the message correctly.
Where can i configure the codepage handling?


Is this only with the version 8 beta, or was this happening before with version 7?

If it is just with the beta, please send feedback to [email protected]

Now i’m using the beta but i received that message while using 7, and i remember it still were displayed wrongly. In fact, i tried the beta also for this reason.

This is because the message header added by the sending server is forcing the message to display as us-ascii.

As far as I know you can’t change the way incoming messages are displayed in eM Client other than manually editing the message header. Maybe better to have the issue corrected on the server. 

I suspected this was due to the message encoding that is not correct because the real content is UTF-8. Anyway, TheBat displays the message correctly, maybe because it analyzes the content and if doesn’t match with what is declared it acts differently.

Yes, some email clients have settings to override the encoding of received messages. Webmail clients like GMail will do it automatically, I think.

The header is incorrect anyway because it specifies two different character sets. eM Client must be just accepting the first.

Well yes, the malfunction is because of a server misbehaviour for sure.

It’s also true that it’s difficult to eradicate all misbehaviours, it would be utopistic. I daily fight on my developer activity with email servers (or peer mail applications) doing the most frustrating things on email messages, and need to perform some gimmics to make users happy.

Sure this won’t stop me to use eMClient, just an hint to think about, if developers would like to make it smarter.

I would like to revive this thread just because few days ago i wrote to Synology customer service highlighting the wrong codepage issue on the mails that their NAS send as notifications.
While the customer care guy were very kind, the message that arrived to me was something like “if you can display the email correctly in GMail web client, then there’s no issue”.
And GMail web client displays the message correctly.
Now, we can argue on the fact that there may be some imperfections in the email headers that may fool emClient to displaty the characters in a wrong way. But there should be noticed also that most other email clients display the message correctly, so i think that emClient should be made “smarter” on this point.

On other words: when i first started using emClient i was fascinated by the design and the cleanness of the user interface. Coming from TheBat it was a fresh air blown in my face. Nice… but after using it for a while, i noticed some little quirkness that detract from the overall good experience. I’m not talking about a product complete redesign (i would never start using it if this were the issue) i’m talking about little defects that i think can be fixed with no devastating efforts and that can elevate the user experience.