Wrong Agenda Dates vs. Calendar Entries

It seems that the date of the Agenda information displayed in the side bar differs from the calendar. Example: Entry listed in calendar for Today shows in the agenda under Tomorrow and a Sunday entry is listed as Saturday. Build 3.5.11809.0

We cannot reproduce the issue. What server do you use? Can you please send saved event (right-click at it and choose Save As) to support@emclient.com with the reference to your problem?

Perhaps I should say that I am using Google Calendar. I’ve sent the file as you’ve requested.

I too am facing the same issue (build: 3.5.12280.0). When I try to add a new calendar event for “today” - it shows up under “tomorrow” in the agenda side-bar. While the date/time values for the event are correctly reflected in the main calendar window as well as the corresponding synchronized event in Google calendar, the issue seems to be only with the “grouping” in the agenda sidebar.

Could it be something to do with timezone ?. When I try to add an event before 6.30 PM, it shows correctly under “today”, but any event after 6.30 PM is grouped under “tomorrow”. ( my timezone is GMT+05:30).


The problem is with the events that are marked as “all day event”. In the calendar and in the sidebar the events are indicated correct but in the sidebar the title date display is incorrect.
Any solution??

Solution seems to be to switch to another email client.