Wrong account used for email reply

This is an awesome little application. One issue I’ve run into though…I have multiple email accounts set up. When I reply to a message, I would expect it to use the same account that that message was sent to for the reply. Instead, it seems to be defaulting to the top account I have set up under Tools -> Accounts, so I’m frequently having to change it. I went through all the settings and couldn’t see that there was anywhere to control this. Am I missing something? Thanks!

You are not missing anything AFAIK. The ‘top account’ is the one you have set as default.
In the new message/reply screen there is a drop down for you to choose the sending account

Thanks. Actually, the ‘top account’ wasn’t the one I had set as default. But regardless, it should use the account that the original message was sent to to reply to the message.

Actually it should use the account that was used to receive the message. If it doesn’t then it is a bug…

This seems to be fixed since the 2.5.6496 update. Thank you so much!!