Writer's File>send as>pdf no longer working within Em-Client

This was functioning about a week ago, so it’s a recent bug. I’ve run sfc /scannow, chkdsk, & DISM to rule out a Windows 10 issue. The original document is a LibreOffice Writer doc, so I also did a reinstall of LibreOffice, as well as a repair install of Em-Client, for the sake of thoroughness.

Previously, while within LibreOffice Writer, I would go to File>send> “email as pdf”, and it would open my email (Em-Client), with the doc converted to pdf and attached automatically. Now, it pops up with .pdf “options” which has never occurred before and nothing in these options actually changes anything in this new behavior. I’m also going to post this in the LibreOffice forums, but not knowing what/who’s to blame, I figured it’s best to cover everyone.

If I right-click an existing pdf>send to>mail recipient using Win 10’s context menu, it attaches fine. Likewise, Writer’s “export as pdf” also works fine.

Any ideas?

This has nothing to do with eM Client. They are pdf creation options offered by LibreOffice.

Once you have selected the options you require, and click on Send, LO will create the pdf file and open a new message window in eM Client where the pdf is attached.

Used to go directly to the new mail w/pdf attached, now takes an additonal “send”. Weird. Cheers.