write rtl languages

when tipping hebrew have problems

Can you describe the problem in more detail please?

when write hebrew - it is working as english but reversed… and if you mix english with hebrew in the same sentance - tje inglish go to the right and then the hebrew start after the eglish.
it work as english reversed and not as hebrew.
in Word program there is 2 bottuns of - Direction of Text, on eM Client there isn’t thus bottuns !
Your email program is working SO good!!! hope it will be fixed. so I should not need to go back to Outlook…

By the way, you can press Ctrl+Right Shift to change to right-to-left in Windows 8 (and probably Vista & 7).

In my limited experience, these types of problems affect all Windows applications. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that properly supports mixing RTL and LTR text.

Thank you for clarification.
Can you please send us an example of the same sentence saved in Word document and in eM Client? Thank you.


most of them are now supporting RTL, even sticky notes in win 8!
but even well known and widely used apps doesn’t support this, for example evernote!

I was talking about mixing a combination of RTL and LTR text. Sticky Notes in Windows 8 doesn’t seem to support this.