Would like to UN-synchronize

Have just started using eM Client, free version.  Is there any way to UN-synchronize an account?  When I move e-mail, on my desktop, from, say, the Inbox to a storage-folder I’ve set up, I’d like it to stay in the inbox, at the server, until I myself move it there (manually, so to speak).  Same with deletions:  If I delete e-mail from my Inbox on my desktop, I would like it to remain in the Inbox on the server, until I myself delete or move it, manually.

One way to do this would be to set up the account as POP3 (you must set up the account again, you can’t change existing account). This will download messages into eM Client and they will be stored locally (make sure you have the option enabled to leave a copy on the server). This way, any changes you make locally will NOT have an impact on server data.

Hope this helps.

Excellent.  That sounds right.  The account I’ve already set up is a Gmail account, which eM Client automatically set up as a synchronized account.  Setting up a different account, with POP3, as you recommend, will work out fine for me, because the one Gmail account I’ve already set up was one I really hadn’t intended to use as my main e-mail account anyway.

With a bit of Googling, I could probably find instructions, somewhere on the internet, for setting up Gmail, on eM Client, as POP3; but if you happen to know a webpage that provides good instructions for that, I’ll appreciate your troubling yourself one more time to give me a link to it.

Here’s a pretty good one I found…


That looks perfect.  Great thanks.  You’ve solved my problem.