Would an import of a Windows Live account cause you to not be able to "download pictures"??

I installed Windows 7 on a fresh/clean drive for a friend. I had a backup of their previous email (Windows Live Mail), but since emC won’t import until the previous account exists, I then installed Windows Live Mail and restored the backup.

Then I installed em Client 5, and first did a “whole account” import, which pulled the Windows Live account info over. And it’s actually a different email address than the standard hotmail account. Then I did another import, this time just pulling over some specific folders. All seems to be OK, except you can not “download pictures” in any message. Clicking the “download” link just does nothing.

What are the reasons why the download pics link would do nothing? As a programmer, I know there’s usually a few reasons why something won’t work.

Please send me one of the problematic messages saved as .eml. Thank you.
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