Worthwhile enhancements for the Contacts feature

Item: The ability to filter contacts in the Select Contact dialog by category. There is enough room in the dialog for a By Category…  button. Use case: you want to send mail to several family members whose contact info is already tagged with a user-created category (“Family,” or the like). You open Select Contact , filter by category, and pick Family. With the list filtered, you then “select all,” right-click, then select Send Message… This would be quick and would not require first adding all the names to a distribution list.

Item: A New… menu item in the select-category dropdown list within the Contact dialog (I mean the dialog for editing an existing contact or adding a new one). This would be the equivalent of — and a shortcut to — Menu > Tools > Categories. If you create a new category, the dropdown list is updated and you can choose the new category immediately from the list.

Hello Mike,
Select contact - try typing category (or just ca and wait for the application to offer the category option to you) into the Filter text field. You should be able to select your categories then. I will mark down the option to make a button/make the option more obvious into out feature request list.

The New.. category option is indeed not possible in the Contact create/edit window; I will also add it to the feature request list and hopefully our developers will decide to add it soon.