Worth upgrading to version 9

Client of mine with 10 pro license on version 8 is considering the upgrade to version 9.
I have created multiple bugs and feature requests while their vip support was still active, none of it got fixed in version 8 and was pushed to version 9.

It would be good to see if those bug fixes are actually included in version 9.

With my NFR license i can’t get to the support portal however this is the list of bugs:
#141741 Sidebar Agenda is overlapping lines, making it impossible to read
#141511 Warrning popup “this may pose a security risk.” when i click on URLs in the e-mail body
#139409 Disappearing mouse pointer when hoovering over e-mail list in emClient (update from you need if that special build fixed the issue).

139412 Add sender email info in Agenda sidebar (new feature requested)

lunes 20 noviembre 2023 :: 1544hrs (UTC +0100)

I am sorry I can not answer your question but maybe if you go to:


you will see a list of bug fixes etc against each version.
If this does not help perhaps someone else can help.

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