Worst Case Scenario Protection

I have just started using emclient instead of Outlook 2003 via POP. (I imported my pst file and uploaded the folders to Gmail). I use Carbonite for back-up, so my question is: which app data files should be backed up for a worst case scenario if my pc goes down, or Google loses my data? I have already set emclient to download my IMAP messages on to my pc.
Secondly, how should the data be restored to emclient under these circumstances?

P.S. if anybody finds this useful, I discovered - after many frustrating days - that any folders from my pst file with “&” in their names would upload to Gmail but the messages in those folders would automatically and repeatedly be deleted. I had to manually go through every folder and remove “&” from them before all was well.

Hi David,

If you use eM Client’s backup feature, it will backup the whole database and then you can restore it in Menu > File > Restore. Using other Backup tools, I’d also recommend saving the whole App data > Roaming > eM Client folder. Then you can just paste&overwrite to the same location for a full database restore if anything happens.


miał byc darmowy dla 2 kont, nagle problem licencji - zdecydowanie nie polecam

What license problem is that Bartosz?