Workaround to avoid sending email from wrong address

Sometimes when I send new email, I use the wrong from-account. I’ve long hoped that eM Client would allow linking of specific recipients to specific from-accounts, but that doesn’t seem available. After general searching, I discovered a workaround to help me personally avoid this problem. This might be useful for others – or maybe it’s obvious.

In eMC Settings/Mail/Template and Signatures…

  1. Create or modify your Signature for your default send-from account as identified in the “Select signature for account” dropdown box.
  2. If you don’t already have a signature set up, give your new signature a name in the “Signature for new email” dropdown.
  3. Click the big “Signatures…” button, then click the “Edit” menu item in the pop-up box.
  4. A new pop-up for “Signature Editing” appears, where you enter your desired reminder text.
  5. Confirm/save your changes as needed.

Personally, I’m using the text “CONFIRM DESIRED SENDING ACCOUNT” at the top of my new signature. Now when I click to create a new email, I see my custom reminder text. Then I select the correct from-account and delete the obnoxious reminder… :slight_smile:


eM Client will always try to reply to a message using the same email address it was sent to.

But for new messages, depending on what folder you are in when you create the message, it will appropriately select a From address. So if you are in account A Inbox, it will send from account A. If you are in a Favorite folder, it will select the account you have designated as default.

Fortunately you can always choose something else if that is not what you want.

You could get in the habit of checking you have used the correct from address, or you can get in the habit of deleting the annoying signature you have now created, and then still having to check you have the correct from address.

Either way it is still learned behaviour. I wonder which is more of an issue; sending from the wrong address, or sending and forgetting to remove that signature? LOL!

And what happens when you really want to have a signature? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, Gary. I should have said that it’s only an issue for sending a new email (not a reply), and primarily when you work from an “All Inboxes” view like I do.

Certainly if you can remember to switch account inboxes before you create a new email, then you wouldn’t need a reminder to switch the sender… :slight_smile:

You wrote:

And what happens when you really want to have a signature?

Ummm…you add the reminder as a new line above your existing signature text.


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