Won't send email, frustrating!

Here is the email I am trying to send.
From Mike Hamaker
As a 3 program paying customer for many many years I am now thoroughly disgusted with you. After building a new computer and reinstalling Advanced System Care Pro, Drive Booster PRO and Uninstaller my computer has been infected with junk software I did NOT AUTHORIZE to be installed! You know, the “iTOP” bullshit you shoved down my throat. You can tell by my email address what and when I updated, downloaded, paid for. I want an immediate full refund for all my latest purchases! I am done with IObit. There are many options for me to choose from that will treat me with respect as a paying customer. I will strongly encourage the people I recommended this software to stop using it. (thats not a threat, it is a promise)

This evening I assisted a another friend to install your programs. Tomorrow I will encourage him to get a refund also. His email is luis.luno00@gmail.com

good riddance IOBIT

Here is the log. Why in the world will this not send??

[SMTP] Cannot send message (Email body not accepted due to the following reason:
"5.7.1 [VO-1] Message blocked due to spam content in the message.

That is something you will need to ask the email provider.

They have a filter that looks for specific content, and found that in your message. Only they will be able to say what that is.

Thank you Gary. Another question. How do I open the “email header” in eM Client.

I figured it out, I was right clicking on the incoming email. You have to open the email first.

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