Won't open emails

I’m new to the eM Client but this is excruciatingly slow. I have unread emails displayed on the side and when I click on the email it seems to be loading… forever. It has been trying to display me email for 5mins now with the final result ‘you’re email will open when you are next online’. I am connected to the internet throughout the whole process. I have also change my account setting to display offline. No change in the problem.
When I try to open an attachement it does open… process window shows nothing happening. It ends up crashing eM client (attachement not the problem). I restart eM Client which has the message ‘Client wasn’t closed check for corrupt files’. It will be checking for a problem without progress on the check for 15mins before I give up and stop the check.
It seems to open some emails if I disconnect and reconnect… one email each time.
This is completely useless when I recieve 50 emails a day which need to be answered immediately.
It only worked as it should within the first 2hrs of use.
Someone please help

Are you using any anti-virus? If so, could you please try to disable it for a while and let me know if it helps?

Hello… I am having a big problem with my internet browser of which the eM Client seems to be attached. The browser on the search engine pages is showing the “Alien League” font derivative where the letter “E” is not codeable. The “Internet Options” tab will not override the web page, I have tried by using malware and removed 2 PUP tags, the rest of the web pages seem to be working properly except for “optonline.net” and maybe other high text centered web sites.

The eM client will not open emails, reply nor send. I can’t create emails either and the error message or the action is kicking to a blank “IE page” not a Microsoft Edge page. Both browsers though are affected on the search engines.  Error messages:

I’m afraid that the cause of the eM Client issue is the IE problem, because eM is connected to some of it’s components.
The error pop up is just warning you about a dangerous link, but it’s not an eM Client error message - probably Edge or IE one.
Please contact Microsoft support first and see if repairing IE solves the problems in eM Client.

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