won't let me type message

I press the reply button and then start to type my reply message and it only lets me type one letter then it freezes. Just the body of the email template freezes. I can change the to and from email addresses, type a new subject line, and change other things that aren’t in the body of the email. How do I fix this?

Have you updated to latest version - 7.2.33888.0 ?

I downloaded the email client a few days ago so I assume I have.

Better check via Menu -> Help -> About

You’re right… Ok let me see if it works. 

still happening… even when I am offline it still happens. 

Hm, strange. Make sure you have latest Windows update or maybe restart the computer. For more I hope someone from eM Client will respond.

updated windows and shut down restarted still happening.

Sorry to hear that. I don’t have any more idea.

Hi Austin,

Does it only happen when replying to emails or in every New mail windows? Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling eM Client? Your database will remain intact so you don’t need to worry about your data.