wizard rules does not have the option to change the scope

I’m evaluating the product so i’m not sure if this is a limit for the eval version.
I cannot seem to set the scope of the rules i create.
I’ve read in a very old post that you can set the scope in the wizard, but todays version does not allow me to do so.

There is no difference between the evaluation version and a licensed version.

If you go to Menu > Tools > Rules, you can edit your Rule. If there is something specific you are trying to do, and cannot manage it, please post a description and screenshots here, and somebody will be able to help you further.

For basic documentation on Rules, see the Help File (F1)

Well the rules should be applied to incoming mails for a specific account. 
So rule 1: received mail in inbox account A : Move to subfolder X
So rule 2: received mail in inbox account B : Move to subfolder Z

Currently all rules are ‘scoped’ to ‘All accounts’. And i cannot change it anywhere.

So click on Modify rule. Then in the wizard you will be able to apply the Rule to a specific account by selecting processed with account.

That was what i was looking for THX !