Wishlist - Alarms/Notifications before the event

I used to rely on notifications/alarms to get me places on time. emClient seems to have a lackadaisical attitude to notifications. I get them later that night, sometime the next day, or occasionally a string of balloon notifications of past events. What I’m NEVER getting is a timely warning that I need to be somewhere or take part in an event. All my regional settings are correct.

It may have to do with your Windows Notification settings.

Change to let eM Client give the notifications and see if there is any difference.
To do that, untick the option in Menu > Settings > General > Notifications > Use System Notifications.

Reminders/alarms are now being completely rewritten based on the users’ feedback and complaints and I believe all (or at least most of) these issues are now resolved in 9.1, which is quite close to a release.


Looking forward to it.

I worked with v1 beta WordPerfect Library (later office) and evaluated it for years. It’s still the best I’ve ever found for handling repeating tasks. I used it to teach Time Management etc and never found anything to match it. I only threw the manuals away a few weeks ago (sad face). But I might be able to dig up my enhancements requests and other materials. Yes, I have kept my e-mails back to the 1980s. WPO last I saw was in the hands of Corel who have a habit of buying software and not using the best of the functionality, thus breaking my heart a bit.


Reminders/alarms are now being completely rewritten based on the users’ feedback

Multiple reminders for IMAP accounts would be great to have if can be implemented :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you also rewrite the code causing erroneous updates being sent to invitees on a meeting? Em Client keeps telling the email server to erroneously send updates to every invitee. I written a lot about it here so I’d be curious if you could respond. (A couple examples: 1) Update the meeting reminder time and every invitee gets notified that you have changed something about the meeting. 2) Dismiss a notification everyone gets notified. 3) Update something on the meeting and EM Client asks you if you want to send an update. If you say NO - it still does it anyway.)

This has been going on for years.

It really depends on the Calendaring server you use. On some servers the client is responsible for sending invitations/scheduling messages, on other servers the server is responsible for that. But, please don’t mix topics here.

I’ll try that. :smirk_cat: :smirk_cat: :smirk_cat: :smirk_cat:


I have provided numerous examples. Em Client is telling the server to send updates. I am not mixing issues here. There are times when EM Client even asks if you want to send an update to the invitees. Even if you say NO it still does.

If I change the reminder time on a meeting no updates should be sent - but it does. If I dismiss a reminder notification locally why is an update sent to all invitees? Clearly, Em Client is telling the server to send an update in these cases especially.