Wish: default calendar and default reiminder for new calendar entries


everytime I create a new calendar entry, my local calendar (which I don’t use) is set as default, but all my entries go to my CalDav calendar, so I always have to change this. So it would be nice if I could set any calendar as default calendar for new entries.

Also setting a default reminder (i.e. 1day) would be nice.


Hi Stefan, how did you setup your local calendar as default, I believe local calendar can only be default if no other calendar service is present in eM Client.
What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Also you should be able to change the default calendar reminder for any of your calendar by right clicking the calendar in the left sidebar and select Properties, under calendar properties you should be able to find the default reminder setting.

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I missed the default reminder setting, found it now, thanks!

But I did not set local calendar as default, I even did not set it up in any way.

But if I’m in E-Mail view and create a new calendar entry, my local calendar is selected and I have to select my CalDAV calendar. This is bad if forget to change this.


Hi again Stefan, sorry for the misunderstanding, I thought all your calendar events are being added to your CalDAV calendar instead of your local (the other way around). How do you have your accounts setup in eM Client. Do you have an extra account for your email and for your calendars or are you using an account with both services included?

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I have 3 separate accounts for IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV.

I’m just using CalDAV and want all calendar events to be added there by default.

It’s somewhat weird, after starting eM Client and trying to add a new event in E-Mail view, local calendar is preselected and I have to switch to my CalDAV Account.
But after some time when I try the same, my CalDAV Account is selected and I even cannot switch to my local account.

Hi, if you have a separate IMAP and CalDAV/CardDAV account, you need to setup the default calendar and contacts folder for you IMAP account under Tools > Accounts > Your IMAP account > General.

If you have your email account setup as the default account for eM Client and have this option setup, new calendar items should automatically be added to the defined calendar folder for this account.

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Ah, I missed that. This works now for calendar.

But not for contacts, my local adress book is preselected here.

Hi again Stefan, does this reoccur even after application restart, I tried to replicate the issue with my IMAP only account and it seems to work properly.
Try to update your application to this most recent release and check if the issue persists.

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It’s the latest version and it happens even after restart.

But if I switch from E-Mail view to Contact view and back to E-Mail view and try then to add a new contact, my CardDAV account is selected and I even cannot switch there to local adressbook.

Hi again, unfortunately the default CardDAV account will only be selected while adding contacts from certain views.
If the IMAP account is setup as default you should be able to automatically add the contact to this CardDAV folder while focused on any of the email folders which belongs to this account, or even smart folders, but if you have your local calendar or any of your local folders focused, the calendar will not be selected.

Can you please comment on what exactly were you focused on while trying to add the contact when your CarDAV folder wasn’t selected?

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i.E. after Restart my only E-Mail Account which is IMAP is focused with my INBOX opened.

Are you selecting the “New contact” from the dropdown menu in toolbar, or are you possibly adding the contact using a shortcut?

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Hi Stefan,
I’ve discussed this issue with the developers, but unfortunately this is an intended behavior, eM client saves the last folder you’ve used to enter the new contact to, this so you can keep working with the used folders instead of the default accounts, however I personally agree this might be a little confusing.

I believe you should be able to avoid this by hiding local folders from use, but this of course would only be an option if you’re not using local folders on daily basis.
To hide local folders please go to Tools > Settings, and uncheck the option “Show local folders”.

Hope this helps,

As “Show local folders” is already unchecked (I do not need or use them), this does not help, sorry.

And now I tried to add a contact to CalDAV to see if the last folder is used, but this is not the case after restarting eM Client.

Hi Stefan, can you please send me an email to mcgregor@emclient.com with a reference link to this forum topic?

Thank you,

this is an intended behavior, eM client saves the last folder you’ve used to enter the new contact

… then preselecting a default calendar account for IMAP account makes no sense at all :slight_smile:

Hi Stefan, after the application restart (if you’re in your Inbox), the default calendar should be shown at first, unless you first switch to the Contacts tab and another calendar is selected, however it seems like your default calendar is not being loaded. Can you please send me an email to mcgregor@emclient.com with a reference link to this forum topic?

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