Windows Timezone is PST but emClient showing Meetings/Emails in EST

I have moved from DC to Seattle. I have changed my google settings and my Windows settings to reflect PST. However, my emClient calendar is still showing my appointments on my calendar AND my emails in EST. Please help! I run my business from this and it’s messing me up.

it should work without any difficulties - can you please send me one of the events saved as .ics? Than kyou.

I have the same problem as described. A friend of mine from germay with his local time at 8 PM and it should show up on calendar at 3 pm Eastern. But it does not after I received the inviation.

please help. I am using the latest version of EM Client

Just to be clear - he scheduled an event, invited you and you see the event at wrong time? If so, could you please send me the event saved as .ics? Thank you.

I’m receiving a similar issue. I have looked throughout the forums and have confirmed the following:

  1. Recommended Service Pack Update is Applied
  2. Windows Timezone settings applied to UTC +10:00 (Melbourne Australia)
  3. Google Timezone Settings applied to GMT +10:00 (Melbourne)

But, when I got to create an event in Google Calendar for 6:00pm, it subtracts 15 hours from it and posts it in emClient at 3:00am on that same day. Note that this 15 hour difference is the same as where I used to live (Chicago GMT - 6:00 w/ Daylight Savings)

This is incredibly frustrating and would appreciate assistance.


Also note that the version I am running is 5.0.18025.0


please send me original event saved as .ics and event as .ics after synchronization to
together with this topic’s url:…

you can do it by right click on event then save as…