Windows Live Mail is not listed under Import

I installed eM Client on my new laptop and am trying to import my Windows Live Mail Local Folders but Windows Live Mail is not listed in the Applications list of the Import feature.  I also installed eM Client on my old laptop, the one I’m currently using Windows Live Mail on and I Windows Live Mail was listed in the Import and I was able to successfully import my folders.

Updated:  on the new laptop where Windows Live Mail was not listed in the Applications list of Import features, I found that you don’t actually have to make any selection under Applications and  can just go ahead and click on Email (.xml) in the Files section and the import process will work.

Did your contacts come through Catherine?


I am a tech and with the demise of LIve Mail I began converting clients to EM Mail. I had to stop doing so about 6 months ago as LIve Mail is no longer listed as a resource to import from. True under files you should be able to import Live Mail files as .eml files because they are but there is a problem there in that you no longer can copy Live Mail messages completely as the properties are left out so even though it appears to copy Live Mail files only the folders are copied not the messages. I have tried everything I can think of and cannot copy the messages so does anyone know another way to utilize it as I had to stop promoting this program? This is especially important when LIve Mail is not on the new system we are migrating to as it will no longer install into Windows 10. The only thing I can think of is to import it into Thunderbird and then import in EM Client but truthfully it costs the client less to just buy them MS Outlook. Why did you remove the easy import from LIve Mail, that has killed our relationship as many of these clients are businesses who would gladly buy paid version.

The import was not removed. It will only be listed as an import option if WLM is installed.

Don’t select the automatic import. Select *Mail* then select Outlook. After that, it is a breeze to set up.

How is that related to importing from WLM, Damon?

I misread what was being said in the post. I was searching for a way to import my windows live email accounts. The automatic import did not work for my email addresses. The original setup imported the calendars only, not the email. I found that I had to select “Outlook” from the mail options and the rest of the setup was a breeze. However, after reading the post again, this is not a fix for their issue.

Yes, as long as the email account in WLM was setup as IMAP, then there is no need to import the messages. Setting up you account from scratch in eM Client, as you discovered, will sync with the data stored on the server.

For anybody who is interested, Windows Live Essentials 2012 is available for download, and will install on Windows 10. So if you need to install WLM again on the computer to recover your messages, contacts or calendars, it can be done. There are a number of sources for the package, so just do a web search.

Since suffering a PC crash which caused me to do a factory reset…it has been impossible for me to Install Windows Live (the software will run but installation ALWAYS fails). I also cannot find a way of restoring my old e-mails. Any further suggestions?

The only way I am aware is to either have WLM installed on the new system, or export the emails to .eml files on another system, then copy them to new system and do an import.  You might want to Google “installing WLM” and maybe there are some ways to install.

Thankyou. I’ll try that…

One last thing…I can’t actually find the old e-mails…(assuming they weren’t deleted somehow…they shouldn’t be since all my other old files remain intact… but where would they be located ?

The default location is: C:\Users<userlogin>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail