windows live mail imported folders not transferring.

When importing content from windows live mail there appears to be an issue with the imported folders list within live mail. 
In some cases it has migrated the folder structure from within the live mail imported sub heading. 
but it cant/wont transfer the actual emails from within these folders. 

if the emails are moved up from the imported folder into the inbox folders they transfer across fine. 
this is a work around if the person only has a couple of folders in the live mail imported folder. 

if there are a LOT! of folders in the imported folder moving them up into the inbox is not an option as it would take hours to move. 

I’ve been getting that eM error message also when trying to import from WLM. eM import is finding my old WLM folder structures, not my current foldrs in WLM. Odd? I’ve posted to the Forum, but no reply yet. Thx. Charlie

For some reason, when you automatically import the whole account it takes over just the structure.
We have figured out a solution by importing by selecting folders rather than the whole account.
When doing that and selecting the ‘imported folders’ to be imported it then works…strange.

File-Import-Windows Live Mail-Selected Folders and then check all the folders/emails under ‘imported folders’

That’s useful, thanks Betty. It’d be good if eM Client could read my current WLM folder structure, rather than a previous set of folders which I had changed a while ago. I think eM Client may be reading my old Win 7 folders structure, not my updated Win 10 folders structure. Not sure when I moved emails into my current folders.

After much scratcing about, here’s my answer. It seems that in WLM when you drag-and-drop folders full of emails, WLM creates a kind of “pseudo” folder structure, which is what you see. But your old folders are still lying under the WLM “meta-data”. And it’s the old folders eM Client sees. WLM just creates a new view of your old folders. So what you have to do is set up a fresh, new, clean set of folders in WLM. Then drag all your old emails (no folders mind!) into your clean new empty WLM folders structure. Then delete old empty folders. Now go to eM Client and do the import into eM Client… Bob’s your uncle!