Windows Live Mail Import Problems

my account from windows live mail does not show in the wizard…is there another way to import the account to em?

sorry for the delay. If the problem is still actual, please send us a screenshot of the “Import” window and tell us what version of eM Client you are using. Thank you.

I do have this problem - unfortunately I don’t have clients computers anymore but what happened is when I do a new PC for client I firstly install Windows Live Mail 2011 and then import the data from the files on the old hard drive.
I thenk imports this into emClient - problem is the contacts is not imported. When I later try to reimport it just duplicates the account without importing contacts even though I unclicked the account option and only selected the contacts.

Reason I use WLM 2011 and not 2012 is that there is a lot of problems with WLM like for instance it does not import contact groups and I had to go back to client and uses many hours to troubleshoot the issue.

That is one reason why I nowadays rather install emClient for my clients.
I hope that they will eventually migrate to the paid version.

Hi Chrisjan, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this earlier or not under a different topic, but you have two options in the import, to import whole accounts or to import selected folders.
Account import only imports the account settings so you can start using your IMAP and other accounts, but it’s designed to create the account only without importing the data assigned to this account, since IMAP accounts automatically synchronize all the necessary items with eM client.

Folder import on the other hand allows you to import all the data that belongs to the account in WLM, so next time you try the import, try to use the folder import instead.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Paul - it clears up a bit of confusion for me. Will try that next time BUT I have tried that too if I remember correctly and only the e-mails were imported and not the contacts - I failed silently.

I also git the message later on the the contacts database been locked. Next time I will post screenshots, thanks.

Just to make doubly sure - it is not possible to import from the WLM folder without having WLM installed?

Hi again, yes next time you try the import feature, get as much information as you can, without screenshots and being sure you’ve used the right options we can’t make any conclusions on whether this is an issue or not.

Thank you again for your input on this issue,