windows live mail and windows 10

I have been a long time user of the Windows Live Client. I use the live mail email, contact list and calendar.  I was just notified by Microsoft that they are making changes to the way they handle their email and very soon the Windows Live Client will cease to work with Windows 10 (they are releasing a temporary fix for Windows 7).  I would like to purchase 5 licenses of eM Client  if I can be assured that it will continue to work under a windows 10 environment even after Microsoft implements their changes.  I just installed the free version of eM Client and I really like the way it syncs with my live mail, contacts and calendar but need the assurance that it will continue to work before I purchase 5 licenses.  Thanks for your help

Hi Howie

That notification and the resulting WLM update totally wrecked my Windows Live Mail, and many others have also had problems.  After trying many things to fix it I decided I had had enough and dumped it.  I tried EM Client and really liked it so bought three lifetime licences.  I have successfully imported WLM Storage folders to EM Client, and set up my four Hotmail accounts. I am running it on Windows 7 and 10. 

It is possible that server changes that Microsoft are doing over the next few weeks may cause issues with the default settings in EM Client for @hotmail, @outlook, @live accounts but if that is an issue (it was for one of my accounts), just change the settings to IMAP.

I am very happy with EM Client, it is a breath of fresh air after the issues with WLM.

I too am waiting to see if emClient can handle the new Outlook/Hotmail settings, would have been helpful if Microsoft had given a date for the changeover but that wouldn’t have scared people into upgrading to Windows 10…

Thanks for the info!


Hello Howie,
we are aware of this situation and the problem is that MS will probably deprecate the DeltaSync support and the only option will be IMAP.
Therefore we think that setting the account as IMAP is good way how to workaround it. The only problem at the moment is, that IMAP will only sync Mail by default, and cannot access Contacts or Calendars.
This problem is already solved in version 7, and we are also trying to find a solution for the current version 6 of course.


Hi Olivia
Thank you for the reply.  How soon is Version 7 going to be released?

Hi Howie,
we have no official release date set yet, but we are currently working on beta version (and fixing all issues found in the alpha testing phase).
The stability of the application is a deciding factor in how soon the release date will be.
You can follow our blog ( or facebook ( for news about the release.


Hi Olivia !

as a longterm user of Windows live mail i’m now one my way apart from Microsoft and started testing your em-client  – up to now it seems to be (nearly) perfect for me !     but i hope you will bring up the fix for Version 6 or rollout the new version 7 before Microsoft closes all doors  - designpoint for me is to make sure that my mails, contacts and calendar will be synced with  my account  – depending on that i’ll purchase EM-Client   

regards Kurt

I’ve got wlm on a thumb drive and can’t get it imported in eM, it keeps telling me wlm is NOT on this new Win10 computer.   any ideas?

Hello Mike,
eM Client’s import looks for the installed application in your computer and at the location where these clients would usually store their files. Have you tried copying the WLM files to your C drive? Or installing WLM on your Win10 computer?


Well, from what it says, WLM will not install under Win 10


as you wrote, that you have wlm on a thumb drive:

do you have access to your mails, contacts and calendar via wlm ?


NOT on win  10, on my OLD puter running win 7 I have access.

so sorry - i do not understand your problem

please describe exactly what you want to do and where your problem is

  • where is wlm running   ------------------   i understand win7 only

  • where is em-client running -------------   win7 only ?  and win10 ?

  • from where em-client should import – from wlm under win7 to em-client under win7
      or to em-client under win10 ?

  • whats the problem installing wlm under win10 (i have wlm-installations on all my
      win10 pcs)

  • what do you want to achieve:  em-client running under win10 and ‘import’ data from your wlm running under win7 ?

  • do you use an microsoft/outlook account and do yuo sync your data from local wlm
      to  MS-outlook ? 


Win 10 running em-client     Win 7 running WLM

Trying to get emails from Win7 WLM imported to Win 10 em-client.

Are you saying you can download WLM and it will run under Win10?  If so, where do you find WLM for Win 10?


the easiest way to ‘import’ your mails, contacts an calender from wlm in your win7  is to sync them with an (cost free) Outlook account from Microsoft - an then syncing it with your em-client in win10 again

the otherway is to use the export functions within wlm to Export your data and later Import it to em-client

next possibility is to install em-client on your win7 - Import data from wlm (maybe you have to install your wlm with standardoptions on a harddrive) - and then copy em-clients database to your win10 (but you have to now what you’re doing !)

wlm is part of Windows live essentials and you have to look for its download pages at Microsoft - for example:


Hello Mike,
WLM is part of the Windows essentials pack which you can get from Microsoft website here -…