Windows: eM window titlebar doesn't dim when in the background

There’s a bug where the eM window doesn’t dim the title bar (or any other elements) when in the background.

Many apps either dim the titlebar from the accent color to gray, or to a dimmed version of the accent color, when in the background. eM Client doesn’t do anything, so it’s difficult to tell if the window has active focus or not. Can this be fixed?

miércoles 24 noviembre 2021 :: 0926hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @armandhammer

Not a bug on my system, it is obvious if a window is in focus, I do not think anything needs to be fixed.
How many windows do you have in view at any time?

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It doesn’t matter how many windows are on the screen. I’ve tried only eM Client and File Explorer. When I bring the FE window to the top, nothing changes on eM Client. If I open more apps like Chrome and Firefox, and bring them to the front, same problem. I thought maybe it was my eM theme, but I loaded a few of the default themes and they don’t change either.