Windows Dark Theme

Hello, I’d like to share my Windows Dark theme which I have updated from the “Eyefriendly Messagecenter” presented on eM Client website. I tried to use specific Windows Dark colors to fit the system environment. So feel free to use this theme. Any feedback is welcome! The file can be downloaded here: Cloud by Marek Vít


martes 04 mayo 2021 :: 1221hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hello. Thank you very much for your input. It is a very nice and friendly theme.
Does anyone know if any option can be activated so that the theme is changed according to the system, or if there is any hotkey option to access the themes and make the change faster? During the day I like to use light themes and at night dark. Thanks.


That is an excellent Dark Theme :metal:

Ps It allows me to now see the Google Play Receipts (being the background is white without changing to Plain Text) that i could hardly see with the built-in Dark Theme. Its definitely a good theme.