Windows crashed, no mail backup

Good morning, two days ago my system crashed and i had to install again the windows.Unfortunately I have no recent mails backup so in order to try to recover all the messages i copied the folders from appdata/local/emclient and appdata/roaming/emclient of the previous installation in the new windows installation. Wow, at first view, all the mails seemed to be present, but unfortunately i all the recent mails are not present. Someone can suggest me where can i find in the old foders all the recent mails?
I’m sorry for my english, but i’m italian.

If you login to your email account using the web browser interface for your email provider, are the missing messages there?

Yes, i already checked, but i found only the last month.

If the new messages are on the server, which you can see using your web browser, but they are not in eM Client, then it means eM Client is not connecting to the server.

Go to Menu > Accounts and make sure your email account is added.